Hm...not much to say today. I took too many pills and got sick. :x Oops... I've been sleeping all day, as usual. Now I'll be up again all night draw and playing video games.

I tried to bid for a PSP today on eBay. I lost, obviously...but my mom promised to get me one for my birthday. ^-^ And she's going to make my dad get me a new computer! X3

I need a new tablet...I've had mine for about 4 years. Poor thing needs to retire. XD The actual tablet is still perfect, but the mouse's scroll wheel is all wonky and the pen's nibs get stuck. I'd just get new ones...but they don't make them anymore. :< And if they did, they'd be $30 each. So that's $60 right there, and a brand new, newer-edition tablet only costs $40 more, so I'll just get the tablet. I'd kinda like a bigger one...I dunno, maybe by the time my birthday rolls around I wont want a PSP anymore? Pffft. Yeah, right. Hum....I guess I'll just try and save up soe many some how and buy it myself. ^_^ Lets see...I need to draw a commission still. That'll be $15 towards my new tablet! Yay! I also need to draw a request... =\ A couple actually. Blah...I wish I could commission more people...

(The above picture was created by me, and is a convenient 1024 x 1280. ^_^)


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Kushina Zimoch said...

Hehe .. Also, I will have the PSP and PS2 .. Hehehehe.
And my birthday will only be in October .. T.T.
A pretty picture.. ^.~