Haha! Oh WoW.

Wow, no idea what to write. I should force myself to finish another page of my comic. I really should. I think I will. Even if it sucks. Cuz then I can just go back later and fix it. I should also force some more of my KH fanfic out. Yes, I'll do that first.

Kurobi is sad. *huggles him* D:




Hm...not much to say today. I took too many pills and got sick. :x Oops... I've been sleeping all day, as usual. Now I'll be up again all night draw and playing video games.

I tried to bid for a PSP today on eBay. I lost, obviously...but my mom promised to get me one for my birthday. ^-^ And she's going to make my dad get me a new computer! X3

I need a new tablet...I've had mine for about 4 years. Poor thing needs to retire. XD The actual tablet is still perfect, but the mouse's scroll wheel is all wonky and the pen's nibs get stuck. I'd just get new ones...but they don't make them anymore. :< And if they did, they'd be $30 each. So that's $60 right there, and a brand new, newer-edition tablet only costs $40 more, so I'll just get the tablet. I'd kinda like a bigger one...I dunno, maybe by the time my birthday rolls around I wont want a PSP anymore? Pffft. Yeah, right. Hum....I guess I'll just try and save up soe many some how and buy it myself. ^_^ Lets see...I need to draw a commission still. That'll be $15 towards my new tablet! Yay! I also need to draw a request... =\ A couple actually. Blah...I wish I could commission more people...

(The above picture was created by me, and is a convenient 1024 x 1280. ^_^)



Ne....2? oO

Yeah...I wanted to put this picture up too. But I guess you can only put up one pic per entry.

So...here's D'alimon Drakune. His father was a sun dragon, and a very, very evil young king. His mother was a strong willed, spunky human princess who was captured by the evil sun dragon king in his plight to control the entire world. Well she wouldn't take any crap from him, and he really liked that (XD!!), and they fell in love and he decided not to be so evil anymore. They left their world because it was considered taboo for a dragon, the mightiest creatures in the world, to be romantically involved with a human, a lowly, servant-race. So the sun dragon king, who wasn't so evil anymore, and not entirely a king either, and his human mate came to live in our world, and D'alimon was born. But as fate would have it, they didn't live happily ever after. When D'alimon was only fifteen, his father, the mighty Tromokito Drakune, was murdered mysteriously. D'alimon fell apart, and his mother wasted away. Only two years later, D'alimon's mother was murdered as well, and two elves came to take D'alimon away. But really, they were just taking him home.

The picture shows D'alimon as an adult; 53 years old. Still young for a half-dragon. After the death of his mother, he became a very bitter and lonely man.

D'alimon was my very first original character and will always have a special place in my heart.



Hmm... nothing really happened today. I finished a cool AkuRoku picture (yeah, the one up there). Didn't turn out like I wanted. :\ Oh well...

Playing Twilight Princess right now. I'm a die-hard Zelda fan...I have all the games, a number of other random merchandise, the Master Sword, a Link hat, a Triforce tattoo, and I know how to play the ocarina. XD Yeah. I suck. :<

I finally remembered to ask my brother if I could play WoW while he's at work! It doesn't work on my computer....stupid RAM... I should draw some WoW fan art. I draw way too much Axel. XD

I have to peeeee. So...bye for now. <3




Ok, so first post. I have like, so many other blogs and shit, but they never lasted. Let's see if I'll keep up with this one. >3

Ok, so you know when you have one of those friends, but then they do something fucked up, or dumb, or both, and then you're like, "Wow. Uhm, you're definitely not my friend anymore.' and they just don't get it? Like they're not the one who did something fucked up/dumb in the first place and you're just suddenly acting strange? Yeah. I have...one of those. Said person called me a couple choice words to my girlfriend, who obviously told me. How dumb do you have to be to shit about some one to the person they're dating? Anyways, this happened because, yeah ok, I was ignoring said friend because they're just so fucking immature it's scary. Not immature like 'Oh hey, I'm funny because I act immature.' No. I mean, they just haven't gotten past that 12-year-old maturity level. Seriously. They're almost 18 and still has to be reminded to shower. Myep. Anyways, so now that this person knows why I was ignoring them, they're trying twice extra hard to be mature. So hard, that they're acting a little too mature. It's...just very frightening, really, how stunted this person mind is. They actually told my girlfriend that their mother is going to try and talk to my mother, because 'we're all very worried about Caiti. Something must be wrong.' We both laughed. And now that I'm finished with this person, a lot of our friend are following suit. XD I find it hilarious.But, I guess I'm just cold that way.

Oh yeah! I'm going to an anime convention in Denver in September. Nan Desu Kan. It'll be my third consecutive year! I'll probably just go as a geisha. Also, I'm working on turning a cute little black sweater I have into a mini Organization XIII coat. I'm such a KH nerd. :B

That's MY art, no stealy, please. :( And yes. That IS Roxas licking Saix's face. XD Your eyes do not deceive you.